From old to new

Clean up your trailer hitch and its better than new

Motorcycle Rims, colour choices are almost limitless

Before - Pickets with a brass middle

After - Rims are better than new durable with no road rash         Gloss Black Powder Coat

Heat Dispersants - has the ability to move and control heat. Extreme temperatures can lead to metal fatigue boiling fluids and damaging metal expansion and increase erosion.

Bike Frame is 40 years old, after "Gorilla" gives it a Powder coat it look new

Give your wheels a splash of coour

After - Powder Coated in Silver Vein Metallic

Before - Bistro Set

Before - a little road rash

Before Rusty header

Ceramic Coatings - will reduce temperature up to 40% and will withstand temperature of 1800° F. It is an excellent protection for wear and tear.

Signs for Pratt Homes

VW Bumpers

After - Ceramic Coated 

Bright Silver

After - Installed in a house in Honey Harbour

Sandblasting -

​​​Powder Coating - ​Is mainly used for coating of metals. It is relatively hard abrasion resistance and tough. The coating is applied Electrostatically,  then cured with heat. The choice of colour is almost limitless. ​​

Update any metal floor vents 

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